Save Stylishly: Winter Coats Under $100

By: Jessica Fortier

Winter is coming! So, it’s time to save stylishly and bundle up in some warm winter coats. Here are four winter coats for a student-friendly budget:

Forever 21


This classic toggle coat comes in five different shades. All colors are timeless. The red color option is especially beautiful to wear around the holidays. This coat is also extremely versatile. It is casual, yet polished. It can be worn to class, a date or a walk around the city. Best of all, this coat will never go out of style.

Price: $29.80



This is a great coat for transitioning from fall to winter. It is not yet a puffer jacket, but not fully a fall coat because it has a bit more lining and insulation. This coat has a detachable lining that is perfect for managing the changing temperature that occurs before it is fully winter weather.

Price: $79.95

TJ Maxx


Burgundy is a beautiful cold-weather color. It is still demure, but noticeably more cheery than black in the winter.  If you go to school in New England, a coat like this is a necessity. This jacket’s length goes down to about the middle of the thigh, offering more warmth than usual. During the winter, every student walking around campus will be wishing they had this coat because it is not only warm, but also adorable.

Price: $59.99



A classic black puffer coat is quite the necessity as well. This faux-fur hood provides some coziness against the harsh winter winds. A coat like this is another great option for warmth and style.

Price: $68.00

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