Guys’ Take on Girls’ SS15 Fashion Trends

By Elizabeth Johnson-Wilson


Flat Shoes

(Celine, Chanel, Stella McCartney, Valentino)

“These are an interesting accessory, not terribly exciting. Chanel is by far the most innovative here, but ultimately they fail to excite and do not seem terribly functional for any situation.” –Nate Hewes, third year, Civil Engineering

“I think flat shoes are harder to pull off, but they can look nice when paired with the right kind of outfit. I do find tall shoes more attractive though, if a girl can walk in them (if not, one is not impressed).” –Andrew Noll, third year, Business and Information Science

Summer Suede

(Derek Lam, Jason Wu, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger)

“Perhaps this is a clever use for the material, but it hardly seems practical or comfortable for summer wear.  In addition, all of these looks, with the exception of Jason Wu, seem very, very underwhelming, “sigh”…” –Nate

“As for the Derek Lam: this is too much suede for one garment. The cut bothers me as it won’t look good with boobs and without it doesn’t look attractive. I don’t like this as they tried to be modest and seductive, but it just came off a bit frumpy. I’m sure the dress is soft though. Jason Wu got it right with this one. It’s slimming and conservative, respectable and sophisticated. As for the Tommy Hilfiger: I love this color but hate the dress. It makes her look fat and clearly she is quite skinny. It still looks like they made a square shaped dress even though they put a line on it and made an underskirt.” –Andrew


(Altuzarra, Oscar De La Renta, Diane Von Furstenburg)

“This trend screams ‘50s vacation to me.  Gingham is a well-accepted material and can be a go-to material for any designer.  Its use here seems to be fairly effective, but is not really innovative and does not deliver any wow factor or really any factor of excitement what so ever. It says, “Look what I did with my boyfriend’s/ husband’s old shirt from J. Crew.”” –Nate

“The Altuzarra gingham look has a classic style that looks modest, but with a revealing slit in the dress. I think the slit would look better on the side. I hate the Oscar De La Renta. The top might be okay as a shirt, but she looks like a dolphin that got caught in soda rings. Also, there is no practical reason to have long sleeves and no pants. The DVF is a cute re-cut of Jackie O. I really like the style but the pattern matches the bag too much, so it would be better with solid color accessories.” –Andrew

Broderie Anglaise

(Chloe, Givenchy, Nina Ricci, Valentino)

“Whoever decided a women would look fantastic wearing a modified doily is probably a very wealthy person, as lace wear has been very popular, season after season in recent years.  Each of these looks seem to be cluster fuck of different lace prints that lack unity and seem to be made out of curtain scraps from a number of different rooms/houses. Furthermore, these looks seem to continue the desire to capitalize on what at this point can be considered no more than an outgoing trend, making the brands looks less innovative and creative.  For truly impressive and innovative SS15 style I recommend viewing the latest collections from Chanel and Burberry.” –Nate

“The lace dresses I love. They flow nicely and appear sexy yet sophisticated. I like the one by Givenchy the most for everyday. The other looks are really pulled together by the tough contrast of the shoes.” –Andrew


(Mugler, Stella McCartney)

“Clearly the hip panel designers for tops and dresses at each of the respective fashion houses have gone on strike. The lack of fabric or coverage comes across as neither tasteful nor elegant in each of these looks. While such a move may be seen as creative, it seems so shrewdly executed that any benefit from this trend is quickly overshadowed. I enjoy edgy fashion when carried out properly and effectively; these show neither.” –Nate

“I don’t like the cut out hip. It takes away from the model’s natural curves and although it may help some women appear skinnier, it would make most look fat as it exposes the midriff.” –Andrew

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