Links We Love: November 9, 2014

It’s that time of year again — hibernation time. With big holidays, like Thanksgiving and pretty much every day of winter break, come a lot of baked goods and hot cocoa. It’s safe to say that these vices aid in the whole preparing-for-winter-and-staying-warm thing. While you’re sipping some Swiss Miss and watching Netflix, check out this week’s Links We Love!


  1. Did you know that a classic lip gloss wand is called a doe foot? Well, neither did I because I’ve never been a beauty copywriter. Check out this article for nine other interesting things you might learn if you go into the profession. [10 Weird Things I Learned as a Beauty Copywriter,]
  2. Ugh, getting dressed for a night out can be such a challenge. Do you go for that same shirt-and-pants combo you always opt for, or mix it up with something more form-fitting? Well, maybe this article can give you some good outfit ideas next time you hit the town. Or wherever you go at night. [Face Your Fears: “Going-Out” Edition, Refinery 29]
  3. The recent H&M x Alexander Wang collaboration is just an addition to the already awesome celebrity or brand and store collaborations out there. If you’re curious about some other cool mash-ups, then peruse these memorable collaborations. [10 Best Fashion Collaborations of All Time,]
  4. As we’ve all learned, rules are meant to be thrown out the metaphorical window. Denim on denim, white after Labor Day and wearing navy and black together are among the many things that fashionable ladies and gents know to be perfectly stylish. This article shows which fashion don’ts are really fashion do’s. [10 Fashion Myths to Stop Believing Now, Refinery 29]
  5. Since this whole Alexander Wang and H&M collaboration is such a huge deal (and probably already sold out), why not read an interview with the actual designer about the collection? [Alexander Wang Tells us About his Almost Sold-Out H&M Collaboration,]
  6. I can’t say that I’m much of a makeup gal besides the occasional swipe of lipstick. But knowing what’s good to have in your makeup bag is something any lady should know a thing or two about. This article gives some great advice on everything from eyeliner to blush. [Your Ultimate Guide to Makeup Bag Essentials,]
  7. So this might not be fashion related, but we all know a lot about traveling for the holidays. With Thanksgiving and winter break just around the corner, here are some good sites to check out for booking seats and how to score spots in a swanky lounge while you’re stuck in a layover. [Travel Like a Pro This Holiday: 9 Smart Hacks, Refinery 29]
  8. Since too many apartments are pet-free and we all know it would be difficult to sneak a puppy in the dorms, finding shoes that feed your need for a pet cat or flamingo (hey, maybe you’re into that) is a must. Here, you’ll find a list of animal-inspired shoes that will take away any desire for a kitten or hamster. [8 Animal Inspired Shoes to Keep Your Feet Feeling Wildly Adorable,]

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