Fashion Co-op Panel Fall 2014 Recap

By Andrea Barriga
Photos: Sarah Tahami

On Oct. 29, the Fashion & Retail Society held its annual fashion co-op panel where six Northeastern students talked about their experiences with and their advice on approaching a fashion co-op.

Emma Lambert is a third-year marketing and political science major, and has worked for ShoeBuy. She worked for the buyers, otherwise called “brand managers,” as the mediator between the buyer and customer. In addition, she was able to attend various shows featuring footwear. Day-to-day, Lambert worked with the brands, buyers and social media.

Oki Pooamorn is a third-year business major and worked for Model Club, Inc. She was involved in many administrative tasks, but also had many creative projects. The company’s welcoming office and small size — small enough to know everyone in it — drew Pooamorn to the job, which gave her a different experience from the typically cold and dry fashion industry.


Alexandra Delifer is a fourth-year communications major who worked for Donna Karan International. She also completed a lot of administrative tasks, but was able to work on campaigns by helping put together exciting looks for the new line of clothes. Delifer was even able to attend New York Fashion Week and assist in photoshoots.

Danielle Kleinman is a fourth-year communications major who worked for Marie Claire. She worked in the Hearst Tower’s fashion marketing department, more specifically, in the high-end market where she helped with management in the closet. Kleinman explained that she wanted to get experience in the corporate side of fashion, so she found her position on her own since the Northeastern co-op pool did not offer this position at the time.


Elise Borja is a third-year communications major who is currently working for Reebok. She is involved with the lifestyle brand, and helps to modernize shoes and sales information, which she then sends to the market for feedback. Borja also manages events at Reebok.

The last panelist was Christine Kopera, a second-year communications major who worked for Paul Stuart. Kopera completed a variety of tasks, according to what was needed in the office each day.

One piece of advice that most of the panelists agreed upon was the way in which one should dress for an interview. They principally suggested dressing appropriately, but being true to your style is imperative. In addition, they said not to wear formal suits, as these may be viewed as too serious and may show you do not have a unique style. All in all, the fashion co-op panel made for an eventful evening with a wonderful turnout of those eager to hear more from the panelists as the hour came to an end.


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