How to Lose a Girl in 10 Trends: Part II

By Lauren Shelton

  1. Cargo Shorts/Pants: What do you possibly find appealing about this look? They’re bulky, unflattering and just plain weird-looking. As sophomore Sarah Klein puts it, “No boy ever needs to carry that many things with him at once.” Trust me when I say that regular khakis are 100 times more appealing to girls. The time to make the transition from cargos to khakis is now!
    cargo shorts
  2. Vests with Short Sleeves: This trend is unpractical. The whole point of a vest is to keep you warm, so why not complete the look with a classic button down or long sleeve tee? I promise you will not only look better, but you will also be more comfortable.
  3. Ed Hardy Anything: Whenever I see a guy wearing Ed Hardy, I automatically assume he was too afraid to get real tattoos, so instead he opted to wear them on his clothes. My next thought is that this guy must be really full of himself. When I asked Klein her opinion of Ed Hardy clothing, “Oh God,” was all she said. Guys, please stay away from Ed Hardy. It’s unattractive and sends the wrong vibe to girls.
    ed hardy
  4. Deep V-Necks: To be completely honest, I’m not a fan of any level of V-neck on guys, but I’ll let the minimal ones slide. However, stage 5 V-necks are always a don’t. Sophomore Maddie Bair said, “We really don’t want to see your man cleavage,” so leave these for the ladies. Side note: lace-up V-necks don’t make the cut either.
  5. Sweatpants in Public: Look, I understand that this is Boston and the weather can get nasty, but please limit the wearing of sweatpants to the privacy of your own dorm/apartment. I know they are comfy and warm, but there are plenty of alternatives out there. When I asked midler Taylor Griffin what she thought of this look, she flat-out said, “I hate them.” So, guys, layer up and leave the sweatpants at home.
  6. Ill-fitted Dress Shirts: The whole point of dress shirts is to look well-kempt, so this trend of long and baggy button downs does not count as dressing to impress. Buy a size (or three) down, get the shirt tailored or ask an employee at the store for advice. Girls love a guy in a nice button down, so staying away from this trend will surely lead to some positive female attention.ill-fitted dress shirt
  7. Bad Jeans: Just like ill-fitted dress shirts, bad jeans can just as easily be avoided. Looking for some examples of bad jeans? Think baggy, too short/too long, faded, acid washed and/or distressed. Keep it simple, classic and clean with a medium to dark wash, and a straight or slim fit. Pair them with a white tee and you’ll have us girls swooning in no time.
  8. Hemp Necklaces/Puka Shells: My motto with guys and jewelry is to keep it to an absolute minimum. But hemp necklaces and puka shells? Those are never acceptable in my book. I know this may have been a somewhat acceptable trend in the early 2000s, but this is 2014 and it has got to go. Throwing out those necklaces will do wonders for your life.puka shells
  9. Fedoras: Guys, the time has come. It is completely up to you to kill this trend. Fedoras are creepy, unappealing and it’s time to do away with them for good. After asking Klein what she thought of fedoras, she asserted that “Kevin Federline wore fedoras and he ruined Britney Spears, so naturally I hate fedoras.” So, guys, if you really want to wear a hat, stick with the classic baseball cap. Otherwise, we’d love to see what’s under those fedoras.
  10. Justin Bieber-Style Hair:  This bucket-like hairdo is not doing you any favors. This haircut comes off as sloppy, immature and, more often than not, greasy. Not only is it off-putting to girls, but I can also assure you that it is not what potential co-op employers are looking for either. If you’re looking for celebrity inspiration, try taking a page out of Jake Gyllenhaal’s book.
    jake gyllenhaal

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