3 Days of Style: Thomas S.

Name: Thomas Shockman

Major: Computer Engineering

Year: Freshman

My Style in Three Words: Blue, White, Black

Style Background: I like wearing pretty simple garments and trying to style them in unique or interesting ways. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but at least I have fun with it. Nearly all of my clothes are some shade of blue, white or black (with a bit of gray), so it makes mixing and matching different pieces pretty easy. My outfits usually tend towards being all one color as is probably pretty obvious from the pictures below. I wear a hat every single day and I wear mostly very inexpensive clothing, with Gap Outlet being one of my favorite stores. Comfort is something that is quite important for me as well; I don’t like being constricted. Overall, I like to have fun with clothes, that’s what’s most important to me. The following are outfits I wore throughout a week of fall.

Day 1

Image 1

This was one of the last warmer days we had. Oftentimes I will start my outfit by choosing a pair of pants and then building the rest around the pants. I felt the urge to wear my Supreme flight pants this day and I also was excited to break out my new Supreme tee that I had bought the weekend previous in NYC, so I threw that on as well. To break up all the darkness on my body, I put a longer white tee on underneath as a base layer. I wore my mismatched Uniqlo flannel because it kept me warm and it went well with the navy blue and white of the tee. I threw on my white Nikes (like almost every day) and my navy wool ballcap to complete the look.

Hat: Ebbets Field Flannels x Independence Chicago, Flannel: Uniqlo, Graphic Tee: Supreme, White Tee: Dunham’s Sports, Pants: Supreme, Shoes: Nike

Day 2

I often have the urge to wear all white for some reason, probably due to the saturation of all-black monochrome looks within internet men’s fashion. Again, I started with the pants: my trusty white jeans. I chose my Timbs over my white Nikes because I didn’t want my lower half to be a solid blob of white. I wore my Uniqlo turtleneck because I love turtlenecks. Seriously they are the greatest, so cozy. Over top I threw another Uniqlo flannel on to continue with the white/light gray look. A gray beanie kept my ears cozy on this brisk fall day, and when I went outside I wore my “Patagucci” jacket.

Hat: Urban Outfitters, Jacket: Patagonia, Flannel: Uniqlo, Turtleneck: Uniqlo, Jeans: Helmut Lang, Boots: Opening Ceremony x Timberland

Day 3

This was for a Monday and coziness was my first priority. I knew I wanted to wear my oversized navy camouflage sweatshirt because that thing is practically a blanket with sleeves and a neck hole. I wore a turtleneck (again because turtlenecks are just awesome) and a long black tee to add some layering action, and the navy cords were comfy and fit the the color scheme so I wore them as well. The puffer vest kept me warm and could act as a pillow if I needed a spontaneous nap. The shoes are Doc Martens creepers and are my go-to black shoes, which were necessary for a dark color scheme. The beanie kept my head warm and completed my comfiness.

Hat: Supreme, Vest: Gap Outlet, Sweatshirt: Gap Outlet, Long Tee: H&M, Turtleneck: Uniqlo, Pants: Gap Outlet, Shoes: Doc Martens

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