Links We Love: October 26, 2014

Now that midterms are over (I hope), it’s time to unwind with a glass or five of wine, re-watching every season of “Gilmore Girls,” and preparing for the dreaded — I mean, thrilling — day when everyone dresses up and binge eats candy. While you’re recovering from a sugar high or need a break from your day of classes, you should browse through this week’s Links We Love!


  1. If you’re getting bored with your blonde, brown or red locks, then mix it up with shades of green, purple, blue or all three. This article shows you which dyes will work the best! [Rainbow Hair Dye: A Complete Guide,]
  2. We’ve all shown up to the library, class and more than likely, the dining hall, in sweatpants. Next time you’re tempted to pull on those Northeastern-clad bottoms, take a look at these 30 stylish options instead. [30 Sweatpants Outfits That are Chic, not Schlubby, Refinery29]
  3. The fashion world lost a major icon, and these celebrities show why Oscar de la Renta was a designer we all coveted. [Proof That Every Major Celebrity in Hollywood has Worn Oscar de la Renta, Huffington Post]
  4. While updating your fall wardrobe with sweaters, coats and a new pair of boots is of the utmost importance, upgrading that makeup game to match is equally important. Take a look at these makeup ideas that will flatter your fall wardrobe. [Makeup to Match Your Rad Fall Wardrobe, Refinery29]
  5. Street style blogs are beyond popular, but it’s important to take a look at the ladies who did it first (and possibly much classier). [In Photos: Truly Vintage Street Style, Harper’s BAZAAR]
  6. Sometimes, there are just not enough hours in the day to squeeze in everything you need to do. Sometimes that even includes your shower for the day. So the next time you wake up with less than clean hair, take a look at this dirty hair tutorial for some tips and tricks to look, well, less dirty. [How to Style Unwashed Hair,]
  7. Athletic wear is super on-trend, and for a reason. It looks frickin’ cute! It’s also a lot more comfortable to wear to the library or running across campus. Or you can wear it for an actual workout, of course. Nike is stepping up its game even more by expanding its fitness gear to infinity and beyond. [Nike Gets That Women are Super Into Fitness Now,]
  8. I hate to say it, but Halloween is actually happening this week. If you’re like me and don’t plan what to wear until a few hours before that Halloween party you’re being forced to go to, then it could be worth your while to browse through these potential costumes that you already own. [5 Creative Halloween Costumes You Already Own, Refinery29]

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