The Best of Tokyo Fashion Week

By Andrea Barriga


Right in the middle of so many fashion weeks around the world, Tokyo Fashion Week is often forgotten. However, with about 48 brands being presented there are some beautiful and innovating pieces seen through the week for 2015 spring/summer collections that will caught the eye of all show attendees.

Firstly, Hanae Mori opened Tokyo fashion week featuring butterflies printed on the dresses, jackets and even shorts by designer Yu Amatsu, giving a unique and classic look. On the second day, the runway had more a soft and sophisticated side with colors such as silver, pastel blue, cream and dark green. While, on the third day, old-fashion styles were immensely featured on the runway. From Jonah Ku, who incorporated the swingings London theme in his runway, as the models had rouged up cheeks and doll dresses, to Yumi Koshino who mixed ’80s sportswear with ’70s knitwear and ’90s style-clashing print.

However, by day four the runway had taken a turn to more drastic styles. For example, Japanese designer Yasutaka Funakoshi from Alice Auaa decided to create a dark impact for her spring/summer 2015 collection, as she had black dresses with dark make up and even some headpieces. As always, designer Sansai Siato, once again impressed the public with his traditional Japanese clothing by adding different and innovating patterns.

On a personal side note, I really enjoyed Motorani Ono, even though had no runway, still had a very unique and sophisticated exhibition. I am a big fan of pastel colors and the way they were able to combine them in almost every outfit. I can honestly see myself using that color next year. All in all, Tokyo Fashion Week was very eventful and even though there are many brands, these designers stood on top.

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