Guys' and Girls' Takes

Girls’ Take On Guys’ Outerwear

By Andrea Barriga


What men choose as their outerwear, can either make or break their outfit. However, there are so many options to choose from, so I wouldn’t be surprised if men have trouble finding the right fit. We could look at the millions of outerwear styles out there, but we decided to pick only four outerwears: vests, leather jackets, the Camo trend and blazers.




“It’s the perfect level of sophistication and style!” – Sarah

“I really like both of their styles. However, I am personally not a fan of vests, because they seem impractical.” – Erika

“I personally love a classic look on a guy. Both looks are classic and preppy without being obnoxiously preppy. It works!” – Jessica


Leather Jackets


“Leather jackets remind me of motorcycle owners. I think only a certain type of guy can pull it off!” – Sarah

“Leather jackets absolutely depend on the personality of the guy. I am typically not a fan, but Austin Butler undoubtedly makes it work, so there are exceptions.” – Jessica



“NO! Camo is a bit too redneck on a guy. I feel like for girls, a touch of Camo can look chic, but for guys it just makes them seem like they are from the boonies or straight off Duck Dynasty.” – Jessica

“Camo is not my favorite on a guy! I prefer other patterns and styles.” – Sarah

“Camo is a hit or miss. If it works, you can look very hipster and stylish, but if it doesn’t work, you look more like a redneck.” – Erika




“I love them. It’s an essential part of a man’s fall wardrobe. Its classy and sharp looking!” – Sarah

“Yes! Blazers are so put together and I love a well-tailored blazer!” – Jessica

“Blazers are great. Every guy needs them, because you can bring an outfit up or down and usually look good.” – Erika

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