BFW: Copley Catwalk Series Recap

By Jessica Fortier



On October 8th, I had the pleasure of attending one of the major fashion shows of Boston Fashion Week: Copley Place’s “Copley Catwalk”. The show presented the work of fashion design students that attend Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt). The inspiring and dramatic pieces presented on the runway present the upcoming trends for Spring/Summer 2015.


Trend 1: Cobalt Blue



This design was my personal favorite. While there were so many aspects to this design that could have the potential to be distracting, it was structured in such a fluid way that ultimately led to the perfect balance of the design.

Cobalt blue is predicted to be one of the “it” colors of the season. This shade of blue is complimentary to almost every skin tone. This bold and pigmented color stands out from the crowd and creates a radiant glow.


Trend 2: Structure



This dress is not practical or wearable, but it serves as a take-away on structure. Classic, bold, polished and structured pieces are in! Structure is key for a put-together look. Practical examples of structured pieces are blazers and structured handbags (I love the structured handbags by Kate Spade!)


Trend 3: Metal Hardware




This dress, made out of cupcake tins, was also a favorite of mine…and no, it’s not just because I like cupcakes. This interesting and unique design informs us of an upcoming medium of fashion: metal. Metal has made its way into a variety of on-trend items: bold watches, buttons, and zippers. Metal is a component of a classy and a polished look.


Trend 4: Back Detail



Making a dramatic exit is just as important as making an entrance. This season is all about back-detailing. Detail work on the back of an outfit can include latticework, an open back, mesh overlay, or the detail of straps. The back of the outfit does not always have to be boring; it can be the most interesting part. This leads us to the next trend…


Trend 5: Booty!



OMG Becky! Yes…you are reading correctly. Interestingly, big butts have been in trend circling back hundreds of years. The Victorian era is known for hourglass silhouettes created through the use of a bustle. A bustle, shown in this design, consists of fabric gathered in the back of the dress in an effect to make the waist look smaller and the butt look bigger. Since what seems like the 2013 VMAs, there has been a recent uprising in this baby-got-back trend. While I don’t suggest that women behave like Miley Cyrus or Nikki Minaj at the VMAs, I do encourage women to honor their curves and feel confident about their body.

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