Links We Love: October 19, 2014

Like these recent, not-so-hot October days, unexpected surprises are always a part of any school semester. Whether it’s doing surprisingly well on a midterm, having a class cancelled or winning the lottery (hey, someone has to), there’s always something that might brighten your day. So add to that list of possibilities with a brand new list of links we love!


1. Whether or not you’re concerned with your zodiac sign, daily horoscope, rising sign, moon sign, etc., one thing that isn’t questionable is your birthstone. Find out what that pearl or amethyst really means. [What Your Birthstone Really Means, Refinery29]

2. It’s time to learn how to roll your jeans like you don’t even care. Learn the most basic cuff in this video that also features a cute pair of fuzzy pink heels. [How To Cuff Jeans Like You’re not Even Trying,]

3. Much like milk, makeup has an expiration date, too. So instead of hoarding your eyeliner and lipstick, learn when the right time to let go is. [When to Toss Your Makeup,]

4. When you’re not busy taking care of reading assignments for classes, take a break with these first-rate fashion books. Hey, maybe you’ll be inspired. [Reading List: 13 First-Rate Fashion Books, Harper’s BAZAAR]

5. New Halloween inspiration — Beyonce’s album covers. Enough said. But actually, some of them are probably achievable with the clothes in your closet! [Dress Like Beyonce’s Visual Album for Halloween,]

6. If you want to hop on the ‘90s-inspired-everything bandwagon, then check out this sweet, ’90s-inspired jewelry. For further inspiration, please refer to “My So Called Life” and “Empire Records.” [This ’90s-Inspired Jewelry is da Bomb, Refinery29]

7. Here’s even more Halloween costume inspiration for you: cult classics! Can you say Lindsey Bluth or Romy and Michelle? [50+ Cult Favorite Halloween Costumes, NYLON]

8. Go behind the scenes of Tavi Gevinson’s NYLON magazine cover shoot. Going from The Style Rookie to starring in a play, to having a role on “Parenthood,” she’s really doing it all. And while you’re at it, you’ll probably end up watching the rest of the cover shoots because the clothes and accessories are awesome. [Go Behind the Scenes at our October it Girl Cover Shoot, NYLON]

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