Fashion Bloggers to Know

By Oriana Ren

Sources: Instagram,, YouTube, Twitter

There are a lot of famous fashion bloggers who have the most incredible wardrobe but the moment you look at the giant hole in the wallet, your heart drops a little bit. As beautiful and fashionable as they are, there is no way you could ever save enough money to buy Have no fear, fashion enthusiasts. Here is a list of some rising fashionistas who not only have impeccable taste, but an affordable wardrobe as well.


  1. Jennifer Im: Originally from Oakland, CA, Jenn has a wide range of tastes (although she has preferences towards destroyed boyfriend jeans, snapback hats or beanies and coats), making her one of my personal favorites. Her YouTube channel features a variety of themed lookbooks, makeup tutorials, travel vlogs and monthly favorites. Her most popular videos are her “What Would Jenn Wear” series where she reads Twitter questions from her fans and gives advice on how to dress for particular occasions.


  1. Luanna Perez-Garreaud: A fashion student from New York, Luanna is famous for her grunge, old-school style. Her outfits often feature circular sunglasses, vintage printed tees/tanks, high-waisted shorts, blazers/petticoats, floppy hats and creepers. Her taste appeals to the inner hipsters who enjoy frequent thrift shopping.


  1. Eugénie Grey: If you’re looking for more badass styles with an avant-garde twist, Eunénie isn’t afraid of dressing a little outside of the box. If you scroll through her outfits, it’s clear that she enjoys experimenting with different patterns and mixing different styles together while still posting the occasional conventional (yet still incredibly fashionable) outfits.


4. Flávia Desgranges van der Linden: For the chic-lovers out there, this Brazilian is the perfect source of inspiration. With a variety of stylish outfits featuring shoulder bags/clutches, stiletto shoes, floral prints and blazers, Flávia knows how to look both fashionable and professional at the same time.

  1. Ekaterina Normalnaya: With the ability to pull of both chic and street styles, this beautiful fashion blogger can provide a wide range of outfit ideas that can be easily worn to school. While she enjoys socks, cropped tanks/tees, sneakers and denim, she wears the occasional pretty dresses and whatnot.

Here are a few fashion Instagrams to help find good online sites or quick inspiration:

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