Stone Island Supreme

By Adam Ali



Thursday doesn’t meet much to many people, however—for losers like me—Thursdays are the day Supreme drops another part of their current colection. So every Thursday, my friends Tom, Jack and I patiently wait for 11am to see what Supreme has dropped. But this Thursday was special; it was a Thursday that would go down as one of the best Thursdays in existence, better than all of your #thirstythursdays and better than your Thursday night football that won you your fantasy game. This Thursday Supreme dropped their collaboration with Stone Island.

For those of you who don’t know Stone Island, you’ve been living under a rock (well, not really). Stone Island is known for their amazing outerwear. They experiment with different patterns and fabrics and were the first to push the boundaries of the modern men’s jacket.

Supreme teamed up with Stone Island this season and released a collection that included a jacket, hooded sweatshirt, crewneck sweatshirt, sweatpants and a camp cap. Stone Island produced everything with the exception of the camp cap, which was made in Supremes’ factory in Canada using Stone Island materials.  What may seem to be standard menswear in this collection is far from standard. Brands like Stone Island care more about the fabric and craftsmanship than anything else. When you buy a piece from Stone Island you’re buying a piece will last you a lifetime. Check out the whole collection right here.

If you want to look more into Stone Island, I implore you to also check out Stone Island Shadow Project, Stone Island’s futuristic boundary-pushing line.

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