Girls’ Take On Guys Trends Spring/Summer Ready to Wear 2015

By Elizabeth Johnson-Wilson


Head to toe color: 

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(Burberry Prorsum, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana)

“I totally like the red one because it attracts attention. This Gucci one is really pretty and I like the details. I like the classic color and the cut and design; it shows the line of your body. As for the rest, hmm, that’s the thing, sometimes men’s fashion is far away from reality.” –Ying Kun Zhu, senior, math

“I honestly don’t think it’s working. It looks terrible. Wasn’t it like a fad or something in the 80s or 90s where they wore head to toe color? The Dolce & Gabbana one works because there’s a break up in the color.” –Soha Jasani, junior, sociology

“The H2T color looks trendy and lively. These look amazing on the models, but it seems like a difficult look to wear in everyday life.” –Yoonji Hur, junior, pharmacy


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(Kenzo, Louis Vuitton, En Noir, Robert Geller, Pyer Moss)

“I like the Robert Geller one because if I saw that on someone in the street, I would turn around and look at them again. I have nothing to say about the Louis Vuitton one. The Robert Geller and En Noir ones seem practical; you could imagine a guy wearing them on a night out or something.” –Ying Kun

“The Robert Geller one looks like pajamas. I don’t like them. Jumpsuits in general are really hard to pull off anyway. Women can get away with it because they can cinch the waist. It just doesn’t show off their bodies in the right way. You always look like you are either wearing pajamas or running away from a high class prison.” –Soha

“The En Noir one looks like a surgeon’s outfit. All the outfits seem strange, especially the connection between the top and bottom. They look like pajamas to me.” –Yoonji

Punchy patterns:

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(Dries Van Noten, JW Anderson, Louis Vuitton, Kenzo, Valentino)

“I like the Valentino and the Louis Vuitton. The Kenzo is so artistic, but I don’t feel like I can take that much drama in one look. In the Valentino, the color is elegant, and it’s not like the Kenzo that’s screaming out its existence.” –Ying Kun

“It’s just not working. I think the Louis Vuitton is just super feminine. It only works if you have a breakage in the pattern. You need to have a mix of solids and patterns, because then it’s just overwhelming and it looks like the pattern is wearing you.” -Soha

“I love patterns, but it seems like too much of both the top and bottom match. I love the outfit with plain black pants and the patterned shirt.” –Yoonji


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(Kenzo, Prada, Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Saint Laurent)

“Omg, I love it. This is so doable. The second Saint Laurent is like a rock star. I like the fur here; it’s just the right amount of luxury and it adds something to the person, so it’s not just cowboy. The Prada looks very old school, but it fits the person. The Tom Ford is just redundant.” –Ying Kun

“I like the Saint Laurents and I really like the Tom Ford one. I think bringing back denim is a great idea. I just like the look and the way it’s been incorporated. I’ve always liked denim jackets and shirts.” –Soha

“The denim looks seem old and unfashionable. They fit better in the ‘70s, not today. I personally do not like it unless the color of the denim is completely different.” –Yoonji

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