Save Stylishly: Co-op Edition

By Amanda Slomovitz

You’ve just accepted a position at your dream co-op and you couldn’t be more excited. However, that job comes with a price in the form of work-appropriate clothing. In true Bostonian fashion, you head to Newbury Street to see what you can find in the way of blazers, slacks and button-downs, only to cringe every time you glance at the prices. Although a splurge is good every once in a while, there are other ways to buy co-op outfits without spending your salary before your first week even starts. Every category below has three nearly identical pieces at three very different prices for comparison.

The Blazer

If you’re going to splurge on one thing, it should be the blazer. Blazers are timeless and can be dressed up or down, depending on how you pair them. Here are three different solid black blazers in three different price ranges that would all be appropriate for any co-op.

From Left: J.Crew: $198, ASOS: $76.17, H&M: $24.95

The Button-Down

A simple button-down is the perfect pairing under a blazer if you’re looking for something a little bit dressier than a t-shirt. The three below are solid white, but a button-down can also be a great way to add a pop of color (without breaking the bank).

From Left: Madewell: $64.60, Urban Outfitters: $39, Forever 21: $15.90

The Pants:

You can’t go wrong with a basic pair of black slacks, but because they’re so simple there’s no reason to spend a fortune. The three slacks below are almost exactly the same, but the prices range from upwards of $300 to only $24.95.

From Left: Hugo Boss: $285, Vince Camuto: $79, H&M: $24.95

The Statement Flats:

Comfort is key (especially when working in a city) because no one wants to limp home from work after a long day in heels. Flats look just as stylish, but won’t hurt your feet. Because your go-to shoes will be worn so much, there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars just to wear them out after a few months.

From Left: Madewell: $118, Steve Madden: $79.95, Forever 21: $12.80

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