Paris Fashion Week: Undercover Spring Summer 15 Presentation

By Adam Ali


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Jun Takahashi is a special kind of person because he’s not just into fashion; he’s also into music and the culture behind it. Now, before you jump down my throat and say, “there are tons of fashion people in music,” let me tell you, there aren’t that many. Takahashi went to school with Nigo and got his start screen-printing t-shirts just to make some extra cash while in school. He ended up gathering a cult following of Japanese youth and gained his first exposure to the heavyweight Rei Kawakubo. Takahashi was also in a Sex Pistols cover band (hint: he’s the singer). He’s had a strong connection to music and his collections show it. This year, he focused on the band Television, which was a punk rock group out of New York City from the 70s. This season relied heavily on the graphics from the first two albums, out of the three they made, as well as the style of the NYC underground punk scene in the 70s. This resulted in the collection almost looking “split” into three sections. The first section was based almost exclusively off of Television’s first album, Marquee Moon. The underground punk scene inspired the second section, while the third section is almost entirely based off of Television’s album, Adventure. Dotted throughout the second section, we see some of Takahashi’s signature pieces including his legendary double rider leather jacket and his deconstructed 3-button blazer. In addition to that, we also see his use of graphics almost everywhere. The year he focused on Jesus and the Mary Chain he did this:3e468d276sov3

By the left breast there was a graphic that looked like this:tumblr_n0n1lq5NLZ1r40igfo1_1280

and people when stir-crazy over it. Be ready for a piece like that this season…

All in all, Takahashi tapped into the rude-boy/skinhead transition and ran away with it. He blended rude-boy suiting and topcoats with the “carelessness” of skinhead fashion (all of which found in the NYC punk scene) and topped it all off with a band motif.

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