Cara Delevingne: Your Next Modeling Partner?

By Dewey MacMillen

The inaccessibility of the high fashion industry has been subject to criticism throughout the years. The public is left questioning how much those inside the bubble enjoy the isolation and unavoidable feeling of superiority, while those on the outside are left mesmerized by the sparkle of it all.

In recent years, the rise of social media and, more specifically, supermodels using social media has caused the gap between the high fashion bubble and the everyday person to be bridged. For example, Vogue, known to be the fashion industry’s personal Bible, put nine of today’s brightest superstar models on its much-anticipated September cover with the headline “Instagirls!”

For those of you familiar with the social media app, Instagram, you’ll know that models like Karlie Kloss, Joan Smalls, Jordan Dunn, Andrea Diaconu and Cara Delevingne have all catapulted themselves to their top statuses by loaning an element of realness and genuine humor to their fans and the world via Instagram photos.


Before the rise of Instagram and other social media outlets, fans of the fashion industry were left wondering what the lives of celebrities, designers and supermodels were like off-camera. Now, the personal lives of celebrities are intermixed with the public portrayal of their lives on Instagram, and many believe for the better. Just think, would you feel like you know Cara Delevingne as well as you do if it weren’t for her hilariously weird and frequent Instagram postings?

Delevingne has taken over the fashion world not by being mesmerizingly interesting looking with her famous brows, but because she has shown everyone that she is goofy and unmistakably original. She has added personality to her career, not just her gorgeous pictures.

Her newest collaboration with DKNY is following the trend of casting everyday people as models via Instagram. It began with Marc Jacobs and is sure to grow even more now that Ms. Delevingne has attached her name to it. The newest Cara x DKNY collaboration ad features the supermodel alongside six models who were discovered on Instagram. Three men and three women were the winners of the social media recruiting campaign, “#CaraWantsYou.”

Delevingne’s new line with DKNY features comfortable essentials including athletic jumpsuits, crop tops and jackets. Cara told E! News“I’m really passionate about what I do… It’s very much what I wear, and what I think my fans will wear because this is for my fans mainly.” The new line launches Oct. 15, but I’m sure we will all be seeing some quality “‘grams” before then, giving us some sneak peeks.

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