3 Days of Style – Andrea

By Andrea Barriga

Photos by Jessica Fortier & Sarah Von Oldenburg

I would like to think my style is elegant, yet casual. It has been difficult finding the perfect outfit as the weather is slowly transitioning from summer to fall, but I try and venture out with pops of colors whenever possible. I love the color black for fall and winter, but I tend to spice it up with statement pieces.


Day 1: On Saturday, the weather was beautiful and it felt like it was still the middle of summer. I was also out celebrating a friend’s birthday, so it was the perfect opportunity to dress business casual. The necklace was an important piece since it really boosted my outfit from a casual look to a more elegant one. I really enjoyed putting this outfit together!

Shirt: Forever21, skater skirt: Lush, flats: Bosi, necklace: JCrew, purse: Michael Kors, sunglasses: Burberry


Day 2: Unfortunately, the beautiful weather did not last into the week. This day was cloudy and the temperature had dropped, so I finally took out my brown fall boots, my fall jacket and army green jeans and paired them with a classic black shirt.

Shirt: Forever21, jeans: Stradivarius, boots: Miz Mooz, jacket: Tennis, purse: Michael Kors


Day 3: As the weather continued to be cold and rainy, I decided to use my go-to color of the fall and winter, black. However, I used my brown boots, red scarf and red lipstick in order to bring some variation to the outfit. You would be surprised how much a simple colored scarf can change a whole look!

Shirt: Forever21, boots: Miz Mooz, scarf: Primark, leggings: Capelli, purse: Forever21, jacket: Tennis

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