Emma Watson Pushes for Gender Equality in Dior

By Dewey MacMillen
Photos: Getty Images/ EPA

When celebrities attach themselves to various charities, it is difficult to know what is authentic and what is just for show. It is wonderful that people with the financial and social means are putting their resources and celebrity status to good use, but it is difficult to truly know if there is a legitimate passion in their belly. Only a few celebrities rise above the fray in my mind. Emma Watson is the newest to do so.


When listening to Emma Watson’s U.N. speech for the third time, I still managed to get goosebumps. Hearing her shaky and quiet voice outlining her experiences with feminism and gender inequality was overwhelmingly powerful. Every time I watch her speech, I manage to connect with a different element of it, all the while harboring a growing affinity for the “Harry Potter” star. While she seemed nervous and timid, I could tell from the beginning that Watson has immense passion for #HeforShe, and not one part of her speech was contrived.

Watson described one unsettling trend in Hollywood today: that some women are uncomfortable with the term “feminism.” Philanthropic celebrities such as SJP, Madonna and Katy Perry have all eschewed the term and concept of labeling themselves as such. This is most likely the result of “feminism” being synonymous with “man-hating,” just as Watson explained in her speech. My hope is that many are just as inspired by Watson’s speech as I was, and will embark upon this journey to end gender inequality and embrace the term “feminism.”

Another very important aspect of Watson’s captivating U.N. speech was her absolutely flawless and timeless appearance, which included a very “New Look”-esque Dior coat dress. Raf Simons is surely pleased to have such a highly-regarded woman in his clothing. The dress was flattering on Watson (isn’t everything?) and, paired with her simple makeup and berry-stained lips, her look was flawless, as per usual. One can only hope — and assume — that Emma Watson will continue to be the marvel that she is and somehow manage to do it all. Plus, it goes without saying that she will be doing so while remarkably dressed from head-to-toe.

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