Links We Love: October 5, 2014

With midterms, Halloween, Thanksgiving (hey, it’s soon enough) and any other extra-curricular activities you have on the mind, sometimes you just need to clear your brain with re-runs of “Parks and Recreation” or online window shopping. You can also take some time to look through this week’s Links We Love. With pictures of pugs and the memorable fashion on “Gilmore Girls,” why wouldn’t you take a much-needed break?


  1. If anything were to photo bomb my picture, I know I’d like it to be a pug. For your daily pug fix, these photo-bombed pictures will certainly make you smile. And if you don’t like pugs, then leave. [9 Pug Photobombs Guaranteed to Put a Smile on Your Face, Refinery29]
  1. If you could only wear one brand or store for the rest of your life (I mean, book tour), who would it be and why? While you ponder this, just know that Lena Dunham is wearing NASTY GAL, so that’s pretty cool. Check out some sweet pictures of killer outfits here. [Breaking: Lena Dunham Got a Stylist, And Her Name is Nasty Gal, Refinery29]
  1. Now that “Gilmore Girls” is on Netflix, it’s probably time you refresh your memory of the fashion on this iconic series. [‘Gilmore Girls’: The 11 Best Fashion Moments,]
  1. Do you ever feel like you have too many clothes (yes, that’s a real thing) and you want to get rid of them, but can’t just throw them away? For those who don’t know where the nearest Salvation Army is, there are some cool websites out there that let you sell your clothes online. So take a gander. [15 Websites That’ll Make You Money on Your Used Clothes, Buzzfeed]
  1. Who said the front row was the best spot to be in at a fashion show? Well, it probably is, but backstage can be just as cool. Peruse these awesome backstage photos from Paris Fashion Week and you’ll wish you were there! [The 35 Best Backstage Photos from Paris Fashion Week,]
  1. Guys, all it really takes to look dapper is the shoes. Well, that and the rest of your outfit, but having the right pair of shoes is a great place to start. [Men: When it Comes to Being Stylish, Start With Your Shoes, Huffington Post]
  1. While the costume itself can help tell the story of who or what you are on Halloween, the makeup can also play a pretty big part. For some cool makeup inspiration for this candy-filled holiday, scroll through these ideas from Refinery29 employees. [Beauty Cheap Challenge: Halloween Edition, Refinery29]
  1. Winter is coming and no one can stop it. So, that also means you have to pull out all of your coats from storage… which is never fun. Mine have all been living in suitcases for the last five months, and let me tell you, the musty smell issue is real. But let’s see what we can do about any bad odors and moth holes with these tips. [How to Take Care of Your Cold Weather Clothes After Taking Them Out of Storage,]

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