Campus Chic: Adam A.

By Thomas Shockman

Photos: Thomas Shockman

Campus Chic-Thomas S-10:6

Name: Adam A.

Hometown: New York City

Major: Marketing

Year: Freshman

I spotted Adam wearing this unique take on earth tones the other night. He adds his own touch to a simple jeans and t-shirt look with his Birkenstock clogs, structured hat, and vintage Navajo necklaces. He is a perfect example that guys can pull off jewelry just as well as girls can.

Thomas Shockman: Why did you wear what you wore today?

Adam A: Because it was practical. It’s warm outside but it’s getting cooler so I put on an overshirt. I pretty much wear a basic tee, my denim, and Birkenstocks every single day, it’s just easy for me.

TS: What’s the story behind the jewelry?

AA: It’s vintage Navajo jewelry, the turquoise string is from the ’70s and the other one, called a “naja”, is from the ’50s. They’re both sterling silver, which you can tell from the patina

TS: What’s your style inspiration?

AA: I’m into American vintage (although I’m wearing German shoes and a Japanese shirt hah!). I’m very interested in workwear and authentic details.

TS: What are your favorite stores?

AA: I love the 45RPM shop in SoHo. Nepenthes and RRL, also both in New York, are probably my other two favorites.

TS: What piece of clothing do you wear the most?

AA: My denim. I wear these jeans almost every day. And my hat too.

TS: If you had to pick one brand to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be?

AA: Hood by Air, duh (laughs). In all seriousness, I would probably go for Needles, or maybe 45RPM or Junya Watanabe.


What Adam is Wearing:

Hat: JJHat

Button-down: White Mountaineering

T-Shirt: Jungmaven

Jeans: 45RPM

Shoes: Birkenstocks

Jewlery: Vintage Navajo


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