NYFW – Michael Kors Recap

By Amanda Slomovitz

Sources: live.michaelkors.com

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New York Fashion Week is one of the most widely known events in the fashion industry today. People from all over the world travel to Manhattan just to get a glimpse of what their favorite designers have in store for the next year. If one thing is for certain about fashion week, it’s that inspiration is everywhere.

This year’s Michael Kors show was on point to say the least. It showcased a wide variety of outfits ranging from all white to bright florals and from neutral plaids to all black. The continuously changing colors and patterns really called for an attention to detail. The solid white ensembles that opened the show, were a great introduction to the floral detailing that became more evident as the show carried on. As the show progressed, the floral outfits became neutral-colored pieces that went along with plaid printed pants, dresses and tops. Many of the outfits throughout the entire show included brown leather detailing that was incorporated into belts, bags and jackets. A few men’s pieces that were showcased included the same brown leather details and plenty of simple, timeless designs. The show closed with all black ensembles to contrast the stark white outfits from the beginning.

Michael Kors definitely put on a great show that is worth taking a look at. The clothes were gorgeous and wearable and the show itself was put together perfectly. This show will definitely provide fashion inspiration that will last well beyond the spring and summer of 2015.

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