Luxury Brands Entering the Sneaker World

By Rachel Satell 


Luxury sneakers are here and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon! Sneaker culture has grown exponentially in the past few years and luxury brands are eager to capitalize on the customers who previously were only devoted to companies like Nike and Adidas who have established a presence in the sneaker industry. Men and women alike line up for hours waiting impatiently for the next big sneaker launch just as they would for the latest iPhone.

Iunnamed-2n 2009 Kanye West’s sneaker line for Louis Vuitton was priced at well over $1,000 a pair, which seemed a little outrageous. Five years later, luxury sportswear has been taken to the next level with almost every major luxury brand rolling out a line of high-end sneakers. This time, Kanye will be teaming with Adidas, as will Raf Simmons, Pharrell and Givenchy’s, Riccardo Tisci. Some brands have chosen to team up with established sneaker brands such as Adidas, but other designers have chosen to roll out their sneaker lines independently. Pierre Hardy, Dior Homme and Gareth Pugh are also  venturing into the world of extravagant, luxury sneakers. Even Valentino has done a sneaker version of their famed Rockstud Pumps. These sneaker lines are taking the fashion world by storm, so prepare yourself for this up and coming trend!

Make no mistake, these sneakers are for the runway and not for the treadmill. Tell us what you think about luxury sneakers!


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