CEO of Carolina Herrera Resigns

By Jessica Darfoor

In some of the biggest news to rock the fashion community post-NYFW, Caroline Brown has resigned from her four-year position as CEO of fashion powerhouse Carolina Herrera. A graduate of Boston University, Brown had previously worked for Swedish fashion house Akris as CEO, as well as Giorgio Armani as VP of marketing.

Caroline Brown Solo

Since joining Herrera in 2010, Brown has made changes in the hopes of improving the brand’s public image. She helped launch Herrera Style, an invite-only mobile app that expands the brand’s accessibility to its most dedicated customers. The app aims to enlarge customers’ current wardrobes while simultaneously working with the clothes consumers already own. The app also allows sales associates to be in contact with individual clients, creating an increasingly intimate and personal shopping experience.

This technology-based change came as somewhat of a surprise from the brand, known for its elegant and classic aesthetic. However, the addition of the app has served as a highpoint for Brown’s career.

After rumors had been swirling around that Brown would join Donna Karan as CEO, the rumors were confirmed true, according to Vogue. As the fashion world is all abuzz about Brown’s new job opportunity, we’re left wondering what will happen to the Herrera brand.

Carolina Herrera and Caroline Brown

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