Paris Fashion Week — Dolce & Gabbana Recap

By Dewey MacMillen

The concept behind this season’s Dolce and Gabbana spring line was simple: an army of strong, powerful women who could very well be the chicest bullfighters out there. As always, Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce touched upon their Italian roots, despite some onlookers believing Spain had served as this season’s muse.

The designers pulled inspiration from the Spanish culture, not necessarily from Spain itself. When asked, the fashion duo replied, “The Spanish occupied Sicily for 300 years! There are so many shared things in our cultures — the music, the food, the decorated horsecarts!”

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An important aspect of this season’s spring line was the element of mixed generations. D&G wanted to focus on making garments both a mother and daughter could wear. While that may not happen in the near future, it is an awfully adorable concept to think of rocking matching D&G matador jackets with my mom. There was also a plethora of Catholic-inspired embroidery in the line, such as silver-and-gilt Sacred Heart medals.

The luxe satin matador jackets had unbelievably intricate embroidery, and were paired with white shirts complete with exquisite lace detailing. Though Kendall Jenner was seemingly the star of the show, she could not detract from the ornate and feminine craftsmanship of the line. It was a beautiful mix of extremely wearable dresses and silk bloomer shorts only models could rock. I mean, c’mon, it would totally look like a diaper on some of us mere mortals. But isn’t that partially what high fashion is? Creating a fantasy of delicate and intricate art pieces for us to gawk over and simply be inspired by.

What I loved most about D&G’s line this season was the complete mix of couture pieces alongside the beautifully wearable pieces. Would I wear the bloomer shorts? No. Would I wear the lace-paneled, black silk tank? Of course. And what makes Stefano and Dominico true geniuses is that they can create a line where all of their art comes together in the most powerful and striking way, while staying completely true to their roots and the D&G message.

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