Miley Cyrus Debuts Collaboration with Jeremy Scott

By Jack Watson



No household is without at least one box, drawer or cabinet filled with comprehensively random, gradually decaying stuff. When we were younger it was probably half-filled with glitter, tape, buttons and more change than a Coinstar could stomach and American fashion designer, Jeremy Scott, has collaborated with Miley Cyrus to create a bold and never-before-seen fashion line including all of these items and more. Cyrus and Scott have taken these typical household items and turned them into statement pieces during Scott’s spring 2015 runway show. The show resembled a hodgepodge of junk-drawer items including beaded friendship bracelets, toys, bears and fake flowers that were strategically put together into hair pieces and necklaces. The end result looks as if the free-bin at a garage sale was launched high-velocity at an episode of Top Model.

None of this is new to Scott, who has been accused in the past of making clothes “too outlandish” to wear, but nothing has stopped him from pushing the boundaries within the fashion world. The jewelry shown is part of a larger art project Cyrus calls “Dirty Hippie,” which is an attempt to bring back rave wear and the hippie lifestyle. This may be a little over the top, but her ideas blend well with Scott’s eccentric imagination.

Overall, this is an interesting collection, to say the least, and the dynamic duo of Scott and Cyrus has definitely taken unconventional household items to new heights.


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