Milan Fashion Week – Gucci Recap

By Dewey MacMillen


The theme for Gucci’s runway show during Milan Fashion week seemed to be free in all senses. Free from season restrictions and expectations, free in the sense that it brought us back to the 70s and free in that Frida Gianinni did whatever she desired this season at Gucci. The brand’s Spring 2015 line is flouncy and is bringing us back to the carefree times of the 1970s with suede jackets and bags, earthy tones and plenty of wide-legged pants to go around. It makes total sense Frida would touch upon the trends of the ‘70s, as that was when Gucci was in its heyday. The wide-legged denim looks paired with the sleek middle-parted hair was pure ‘70s chic. The shaggy furs added an element of rock, as did the sparkly additions to the deep v-cut kimono silks. There was even a nautical element with the crisp white jacket-skirt combo adorned with large gold gilt buttons. Frida herself even stated that there was a Jimi Hendrix vibe coming through, which in my opinion is fantastic. The fact that someone can somehow combine preppy ‘70s nautical with Jimi Hendrix is pure ingenuity and brilliance.

The show screamed rocker glam with a naive spin as well. The hair and makeup, which was all from the new Gucci beauty line, was kept minimal, but elegant. Frida took from the past and put a new and modern spin on it. Essentially, Jackie Kennedy and Ali McGraw could and most likely would have worn this collection while Kate Moss today would do the same. It never ceases to amaze me the unfathomable amount of inventiveness and vision that is required to make Jimi Hendrix and Jackie O-type looks walk one after the other and somehow achieve perfect symbiosis. Bravo!

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