Links We Love: September 28, 2014

By Sarah Darrow

I can’t lie, I never get pumpkin spice lattes when fall finally rolls around and I can totally wait to pull out my fall jackets. Sweater weather and pumpkin-flavored beverages can keep their distance because I’m looking to embrace the days when an open button-down is the only additional layer I need before leaving my room. While there are still a couple of weeks left before the cold hits, I’m going to stick with a medium cup of hot coffee and soak up as much Vitamin D as I can. Whether you’re on the same page or you’re sipping a PSL right now, check out these links for trips down memory lane and Halloween costume ideas.


  1. I guess I’m pretty behind on the latest designer and commercial brand campaigns, but Alexander Wang and H&M have something going on. For photos from the latest campaign shoot, scroll through some of these pictures. Hockey sticks and hot athletes are included. [Alexander Wang Unveils H&M Ad Campaign,]
  1. Let’s be real, it’s never too cold for ice cream. It can be below 40 degrees and I’ll still be ready for a heaping scoop of Ben & Jerry’s. So when there are shades of nail polish you can match to your favorite flavor of chocolate ice cream, it’s probably worth checking out. [6 Flavors, 6 Shades,]
  1. Plaid is awesome. Maybe you like to channel your inner-Claire Danes (or Jared Leto) from “My So Called Life,” but whatever inspires your love for a good plaid pattern, don’t ever repress it. For some great plaid pieces for fall, look through these options on Refinery29. [38 Ways to Wear Plaid from Head to Toe, Refinery29]
  1. Sometimes, moments of nostalgia are necessary. Maybe that brings you back to your Polly Pockets collection, your abundance of Beanie Babies or even the old school My Little Pony collection. But who can forget about the stickers? From scented to fuzzy, there were way too many fun ones to choose. Take a trip down memory lane with these childhood stickers — because, why not? [What did Your Childhood Stickers Collection Look Like?, Modcloth]
  1. Do you have dreams of working in the fashion industry? Do you like to take online quizzes in your downtime? If you answered yes to these questions, then take “The Best Fashion Job for Your Personality” quiz. Even if you have other hopes and dreams, just take it for giggles and see what you get! [The Best Fashion Job for Your Personality, Refinery29]
  1. Well, apparently eye shadow can be used for more than just your eyes. So that makes your hair the next logical place, right? According to makeup artists, it is. Next time you’re wearing an ultra-tight ponytail, give this trick a try. But first, learn why and how. [Why You Should Use Eye Shadow in Your Hair,]
  1. Even though we’re an ocean away from the royal Palace, everyone is still just as obsessed with Kate Middleton and that adorable giant-cheeked baby of hers. Since Halloween is kind of coming up, turn to the Duchess for some costume inspiration. Choose from engaged Kate or, if you’re so bold, pregnant Kate. [5 Iconic Kate Middleton Moments to Channel for Halloween,]
  1. DIY isn’t limited to splatter-painting a dresser or cutting up that old T-shirt to make something fresh and new. These do-it-yourself tricks also apply to beauty tips. NYLON has some cool hacks you might or might not have heard of before, like putting baking soda in your shampoo… [14 DIY Beauty Tips, NYLON]
  1. If you couldn’t make it to Nanette Lepore’s runway shows, it’s okay. Neither could I. You can still listen to the runway-inspired tunes on this awesome playlist she put together. Learn more about the song selection and Lepore’s latest collection here. [NYLONFW Premiere: Nanette Lepore’s Spotify Playlists, NYLON]
  2. Whether or not you watch “The Cosby Show,” I’m sure you’re aware of the patterned sweaters and memorable fashion moments. With the ’80s and ’90s making very big comebacks, it’s hard not to pay homage to the TV shows that honored these trends with more authenticity than anyone can nowadays. For some inspiration, look through some old cast photos to see why the ’80s and ’90s are, indeed, back. [‘The Cosby Show’ Cast Photos Prove They’ll Always be TV’s Best-Dressed Family, Huffington Post]

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