Guys’ Take on Girls’ Workout Wear

By Dewey MacMillen


Who knew that picking out clothes for the gym could be such a thought-provoking and concerning process? Well, for some it can be. Deciding what to go sweat-it-out in can be more time-consuming than one might think. I guess it all depends on the attitude of the gym-goer. Do I not care about what I look like? Or do I try and look cute in case someone notices me? Ah, the age-old question. We don’t like to admit it, but having that cute kid on the club soccer team check you out at the gym can give you a nice little confidence boost. C’mon, it is okay to admit (and enjoy) it. So with that being said, what exactly do guys think about our workout wear? Let’s find out..

I'm actually here to exercise look

Option #1: The “I Don’t Really Care Because I’m Here to Exercise” Look

“Indicates a cool sporty personality since she’s wearing a Bruins shirt and the stereotypical Nike sport shorts” –Brett, sophomore, business major

“Realistic workout gear” –Matt, sophomore, business major

“This is real gym attire. If I see that, I know the person is there to exercise” –Zack, mechanical engineering major

You're Looking and I dig it look

Option #2: The “I Know You’re Looking and I dig It” Look

“It’s like her shoulders are strapped into her shirt or something. [It’s] definitely a weird look” –Brett

“I don’t know man, I’m not a fashion expert. The tighter the better” –Matt

“The X on her back might as well be a bulls eye” –Dylan , sophomore, business major

“Exercise isn’t about looking good, it’s about working hard” –Zack

All Black everything look

Option #3: The All-Black-Everything Look

“Cool outfit for a girl to workout in and she’s probably pretty confident and hot since she’s willing to show so much of her back” –Brett

“The all black would be a hot outfit. Tight pants equal good. If the girl had a nice a**” –Matt

“This approaches being flashy but I get that sometimes that’s what you have to wear” –Zack

Prepster Look

Option #4: The New England, Prepster Look

“’Why is this girl trying to look good in the gym?’ would be running through my mind. She probably doesn’t workout regularly” –Brett

“I would never buy expensive Patagonia shirts to workout in, so that’s weird.” –Matt

“Made of 100% typical white girl” –Dylan

“F*** that, no one needs pearl earrings and a bow at the gym. Clearly they had to spend a lot of money on that shirt, and for what point? This is just making a fashion statement” –Zack

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