Girls’ Takes on Guys’ Workout Wear

By Olivia Guidotti

Every girl has checked out the guy exercising on the next machine over at the gym. However, it’s not just the body they’re eyeing, but the clothes that are covering it. So, what do girls think about guys’ workout wear?

Muscle Tees:

Muscle Tee

“Sometimes, the guys that wear them just seem like try-hards.” — Abby

“They look good if the guy is muscular, but not if the guy is too big or too small.” — Sara

“I think the guys that wear them look confident. If they can pull it off, then they look damn fine.” — Rachna

Basketball Shorts:

Basketball Shorts

“They’re fine as long as their butt isn’t hanging out of the top.” — Abby

“I don’t really care. They’re just shorts.” — Sara

“I don’t really like them that much; they’re not tight enough.” — Rachna

Tall Athletic Socks:

Athletic Socks

“People who have really good calves can wear them.” — Abby

“It only makes sense if you play a sport that wears mid-calf socks.” — Sara

“Low socks are just like ‘Okay, socks.’ High socks show off your calves like, ‘Bam, Bam, Bam!’” — Rachna

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