Milan Fashion Week Recap – Prada

By Elise Borja


Although Milan Fashion Week has come to a close, Miuccia Prada showcased a collection that the fashion industry will never forget. Many fashion show attendees were stunned to see the versatility displayed by Prada in the past few seasons, and even more so in just one. After the Italian fashion house launched their Spring/Summer 2015 menswear line—notorious for its “normcore” style and luxury basics—the fashion industry did not expect the vast amount of color and materials for Prada’s womenswear line that launched merely three months later. Although both collections featured prominent characteristics like topstitching and long coats, the womenswear line strayed away from conservatism and brought a pop to the average spring collection. Miuccia’s designs were mainly material focused while still maintaining a seasonally appropriate color palette. This combination added a little kick to the notorious brand’s portfolio of nonstop glamour and sophistication. There was nothing ostentatious about the show; as expected, it was a tasteful, chic collection to top off Milan Fashion Week.

Another surprise of the night came from the set design done by AMO, the company that designs all of Prada’s shows. The catwalk was enveloped in lilac sand, creating the perfect contrast to the menswear show’s swimming pool backdrop. While this SS15 collection stayed rather modest in garment length, Prada’s SS15 womenswear line was nothing short of a spectacle.

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