Links We Love: September 21, 2014

By Sarah Darrow

Rise and shine to another school year! Summer is fading and autumn is slowly inching its way into our lives.. and our wardrobes. Before you start getting too stressed over group projects and 8 am’s, take a breather, sit yourself down with a cup of tea and check out these links we love:


  1. Beyoncé’s birthday might be over, but the recent pregnancy announcement and her overall greatness still have her all over everyone’s radar. These 33 outfits continue to prove that Beyoncé should come out with her own sequined jumpsuit line. [33 of Beyoncé’s Best Outfits in Honor of her B’day,]
  1. When people ask you to describe your style in three words, it can be quite the challenge. Let this quiz help you define your style type so you’re not trying to think of every synonym for classy, feminine and chic. [What’s Your Style Type? Quiz, Refinery29]
  1. Chloe Sevigny is more than just a third wife on “Big Love” and a kind-of-scary character on “American Horror Story: Asylum.” She is one of my favorite style icons and her recent collaboration with Opening Ceremony proves why she is someone to look to for outfit inspiration. [Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony was Inspired by ‘Heathers,’]
  1. If you are just as obsessed with sneakers as I am, then you might need some outfit inspiration every now and then. Look through these looks for guys and girls that prove why sneakers are the best investment in your shoe closet. [The Surprising Shoe That Will Transform Your Casual Fridays, Huffington Post]
  1. During all of your downtime between studying, waiting in line for the printers at Snell and going to Fashion & Retail Society meetings, you should take a look at some of fall’s coolest fashion exhibits. If you don’t have enough time to hop on a plane to New York City, Chicago or London this weekend, then just look through some of the exhibit photos for an easy fix. [Fall’s Best Fashion Exhibitions,]
  1. If you have not perused Blair Eadie’s blog, Atlantic-Pacific, then I suggest you do so sooner rather than later. This University of Florida grad has some serious style that should be admired by all. There’s also a great Q&A with her on CollegeFashionista that’s worth taking a look at, too! [pockets // pockets // pockets, Atlantic-Pacific]
  1. Because I know we all don’t actually have enough free time to jet off to London for the weekend, I also know that a lot of us end up in gym wear more often than we would like. But if there was a way to wear your gym clothes without feeling like a complete slob, then you would want to, right? Well if this intrigues you, then take a look at this article for the secret to wearing gym clothes outside of the actual gym. [The Secret to Wearing Gym Clothes Anywhere, Refinery29]
  1. Living vicariously through photos is one of the ways college students can appreciate the recent runway shows. So unless you snuck into Milan Fashion Week, then look through these 13 moments from Milan Fashion Week and maybe you’ll feel like you’re there! Or you’ll just feel like you are looking through pictures, because that’s actually all you’re doing. But they are still glamorous! [13 More Glamorous Moments from Milan Fashion Week,]
  1. Looking nice for class or just running errands on the weekend can be done with one simple solution: lipstick. This timeless makeup staple has been around forever, and for good reason. If you’re apprehensive about swiping on a bold red or bright pink, then take baby steps with some softer colors. But first, you should look through these lipsticks that have reached cult status. Maybe you’ll find your next shade! [10 Lipsticks That Have Legit Cult Status, Refinery29]
  1. Great news everyone: sweat is “in.” Well, according to this article. So don’t worry about caking on the foundation layers or trying to blot anything away because looking your natural best is what beauty should be all about. [Sweat is the Breakout Beauty Inspiration of Spring 2015,]

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