Dayton K.’s Resort 2015 Fashion Show Recap

By Emma Lambert

I am an east coast girl who spent many family vacations on the beaches of Cape Cod each summer. After spending several years living here, and many late afternoons enjoying the surf and sand, it was inevitable that I would appreciate the preppy style that comes with Cape Cod summers. Needless to say, when I received an invitation to a fashion show that encompasses this summer-in-Massachusetts style, I was beyond excited.

In June, I had the honor of attending the Dayton K. fashion show held on the rooftop of the Revere Hotel in Boston. Talk about a killer view from the roof! The rooftop venue, complete with cabanas, lounge chairs and lush vegetation, created the perfect background for the show.

Nothing screams “feel-good story” like two girlfriends pursuing their fashion dreams as a team. With a fantastic story to accompany serious style in her dress line, Dayton Kilburn set out to create a fusion of her own style and that of her best friend and business partner, Jessica Pearce. The two Southern girls brought simplicity, chic style and southern flair together to create a fantastic line of summer dresses!

My personal favorite is the Briana dress in starfish, which comes in a miniature version for children (swoon). When I saw the starfish print on the dress while it hung on a rack, I knew I was going to like it. Once I saw it on the runway, I was IN LOVE!


Aside from the fact that the Emma dress shares my namesake, I also adore the open back with bow detail. It is the perfect summer version of the little black dress and I cannot help but imagine the accessorizing possibilities for this dress. Trendy heels and neon statement necklaces, or pearls and cork heels, the combinations are endless!


Overall, the clean lines of these dresses make them appealing to women of all body shapes, but the options of strapless, sweetheart and high necklines allow you to accentuate your figure as well. Personally, I adore anything with an interesting back and Dayton K. has several options! The colors range from jewel tones, to neutrals, to patterns with underwater critters, depending on how much you want to flaunt your preppy side.

In my opinion, there is no greater feeling than the sand between my toes and salt water drying in my hair. So it is no surprise that I am a sucker for the nautical prints, pastel colors and summery silhouettes Dayton K.’s resort wear line epitomizes. I can just imagine walking down the beach after dinner at a cute restaurant and feeling like the quintessential summer girl with these dresses! For anyone looking for a little summer style update, especially students new to Boston, consider Dayton K. your personal introduction to the summer dress code in New England.

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