Guys’ Take on Girls’ Hairstyles

By Camila Costa

Every fashionista has different preferences when it comes to styling hair. Sometimes you are in too much of a hurry to do anything. Or perhaps you go for a ponytail. Maybe you get highlights every now and then. Now, what do guys think about some of our favorite hairstyle choices?

Tight Bun


“It seems as though she just does not care about how her hair looks.” — Jack

“Don’t like this kind of hair, seems too stiff.” — Samuel

“I don’t hate it; if used every once in a while, it’s fine. I prefer it when girls let their hair down.” — Lucas

“It looks clean and put together. Not my favorite, but not a bad option.” — Zack



“The hairstyle is nice and simple, definitely approved!” — Jack

“Why have a ponytail if you are not going to the gym? Let that hair down.” — Samuel

“I like ponytails, it always looks good and put together. But it’s not very original.” — Lucas

“It’s an okay look, but it does not really catch the eye. Nothing special about it.” — Zack



“I don’t really like the highlights on the tips.” — Jack

“[This is] the hairstyle I like the most because the highlights make a girl’s face stand out.” — Samuel

“This is the best hairstyle in my opinion. It’s interesting and classy at the same time.” — Lucas

“By far my favorite hairstyle for girls. It looks so different and so sexy!” — Zack

Short Bob Cut


“I really like this haircut, the shortness looks great. It’s naturally sexy.” — Jack

“It does not look elegant.” — Samuel

“It depends on the person. It does not necessarily look good on everyone, but if a girl can own it I think it’s very sexy.” — Lucas

“I honestly think that this is one of the most elegant haircuts a girl can get. Always a winner!” — Zack

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