Kate Moss Celebrates her 35th Cover of Vogue UK

By Elise Borja
Sources: fashionista.com

As Kate Moss graced the cover of Vogue UK’s May 2014 issue, the fashion world could not help but take notice. In the past 20 years, this founder of the 1990’s heroin chic trend has been on the front of Vogue UK a whopping 34 times.


To celebrate her 35th cover, Kate Moss debuted the launch of her new fashion line for Topshop. The line was released in late April on Topshop’s website, with some pieces selling out within minutes after being advertised.

This cover of Vogue UK is enveloped with Kate Moss’s irresistible beauty and show-stopping designs, making this issue a must-have for every fashionista in Great Britain. Shot by fashion photographer Craig McDean, the top model was draped in her own designs: a metallic, silver-fringed jacket and a star-printed skirt.

At almost 40 years old, Kate Moss still manages to amaze us with her everlasting glamour and growing success. Make sure to get a taste of what Moss has had to offer for the past two decades on the covers of Vogue UK by clicking here.

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