Tory Burch Confirms Menswear and Activewear Expansion

By Alexandra Sadler

There has been some speculation considering Tory Burch’s expansion into the menswear and activewear department, but now the rumors have been confirmed. Burch’s men’s line is due to launch in spring 2015 and will include items such as belts and other accessories.


Coach’s previous senior vice president, Jeffrey Uhl, will be the new head of men’s accessories for Burch’s new line, which can ensure top-notch designs and embellishments. The activewear line is also set to release in spring 2015. This line will include sports accessories used for activities such as yoga and running.

Burch is expanding her line to Europe and plans to open up a seven-story shop in Paris next year. She is seeking even more areas for her line to flourish, including Milan and Frankfurt.

This expansion is the next big thing for Burch and something we expect to push her to the top of the fashion industry. Congrats, Tory, you have officially left every fashionista in anticipation for next spring. We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

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