Save Stylishly on Spring Shoes

By Yana Sybiga
Photos: Polyvore

As real spring is finally arriving in Boston, we are all preparing to finish our spring semesters and get some well-deserved rest. Since the weather is getting warmer and warmer, we need to figure out the ways to refresh our shoe wardrobe for the new spring and summer seasons without spending a fortune.

Shoes with a Thick Sole (“Slipons”)


This major spring/summer trend, so-called “slipons” with a thick sole, is a great way to look stylish. You can go with more classic and expensive brands like Vans, but all major fashion retailers have created their own, cheaper models.



These sliders do not look like the most feminine shoes in the world, but they are definitely very stylish and comfortable. You can always buy a pair of classic Birkenstocks, but these alternatives are much more interesting in their design and do not require you to spend a $100.

Jelly Gladiators

Jelly Gladiators

Jelly material + gladiator shape = the hottest shoes of the season! While you may go with the traditional brown leather gladiators, I suggest that you look for this new hybrid. Jelly shoes generally cost cheaper than other shoes and look much more modern and stylish.

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