Links We Love: April 13, 2014

By Stephanie Baladi

The weather has finally warmed up, the idea of going out in public in a dress doesn’t chill you to the bone anymore, and we’re all cooped up in the library cramming for finals. With just two weeks of finals left, the pressure is on, but you know what they say about all work and no play. Take a quick, well-deserved break from the books with this week’s Links We Love.


1. While white shirts seem like such a simple, easy staple piece, the fact of the matter is they are not all created equal. In theory, the perfect white shirt is supposed to work with you and your wardrobe, but sadly, there are a lot out there that do just the opposite.  Take a look at these options for white tops that are anything but boring and can make things a little easier when you’re throwing things on in a rush to get to your final. [17 White Tees That Are Anything BUT Plain; Refinery29]

2. Nowadays, summer festivals have become such a blur of flower crowns, tie-dye and fringe that festival fashion seems to have turned into a competition of who can throw enough hippie-esque things against a wall and make them stick. For the most part, it looks like a bunch of little kids who are just playing dress up for three days. If you’re going to one of this summer’s festivals and want to dress for the event but still dress well, check out this guide with all the tips you’ll need. [Q: How Do I Dress for a Summer Music Festival Without Looking Like a Cliche?;]

3. Do you know what your clothes are made from? What about who made them or where they were made? Some of these answers may surprise you and even the answers that seem obvious have more to them than you might think. This article will fill you in on everything you need to know about what goes into manufacturing your clothes and the impact it’s having on our environment that’s leading to a new trend in responsibly made fashion. [The Dirty Truth About How Your Clothes Are Made; Refinery29]

4. As have been proven time and time again, fashion is cyclical. Trends that were popular twenty or thirty years ago are reemerging as the “hot new thing.” With that in mind, we know the ’90s are destined for some sort of comeback. If you’re looking for ways to work old staples into your wardrobe today, then Harper’s Bazaar has got you covered. [The Style Q&A… ’90s Revival; Harper’s Bazaar]

5. Last year’s punk-themed Met Ball will be one to remember for years to come, but can this year’s top it? This year’s theme is Charles James, which is going to call for big, beautiful gowns from the ladies, but what’s expected of the men? “White Tie and Decorations.” Do you have a clue what “decorations” are, because I sure don’t, but I can say with certainty that I’ll be eagerly awaiting photos from the red carpet to find out just what the stars do with this direction. [This Year’s Met Ball Has Some Weird Dress Code Requirements; The Cut]

6. As the semester comes to a close and co-op begins to near, I’m clinging to my one black blazer for dear life and screaming internally about how I’m going to come up with a new outfit for every day of the week for multiple weeks. Luckily, more and more stores are expanding their collections to include some excellent, workplace appropriate options making the transition from sweatpants to pencil skirts just a little bit easier. [7 Stores That Are Doing Workwear Right;]

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