5 Hot Spring Nail Designs

By Alexandra Sadler
Photos: Harper’s Bazaar, Essie, Line Across

Spring is finally here! Now all we need are new nail designs to spice up our lives and to show off with this warm spring weather. The typical pastel colors such as pink, robin egg blue and even seafoam green are everyone’s go-to when spring rolls around the corner. Now, it’s our job to take those colors and turn them into designs that will make your nails stand out from the crowd and make you feel original.


All white nails are trending this spring, especially ones that are embellished with silver décor such as thick stripes, dots or crystals. The silver polish is a great contrast to the white and the crystals give the overall look a bold, fun feel.


Can’t decide which of your two favorite polishes to use? Use both! This half and half design is the new single color. Pick two colors that complement each other and start painting! Put down a base color. Then, once that dries, paint a diagonal line with the other color and fill in the rest of your nail.


Chevron nails are the next big thing for spring 2014. Like the half and half nail design, you can pick three of your favorite colors and sport them all on one nail. For this unique design, grab some tape that you can cut into small triangles. Place the triangle on top of your base color, then, paint over the tape with your second color and repeat for your third color. Now you have flashy chevron nails to show off while strutting the streets in this warm and beautiful weather.

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