Campus Chic — Julia L.

By Yana Sybiga
Photos: Yana Sybiga

True fashionable Bostonians are not afraid of any weather–this lady proves that well enough by rocking black pumps with a pair of chic shorts.

photo 2 (1)Name: Julia Le
Hometown: Somerset, MA
Major: International Business/ Chinese Track

What are your favorite stores?
My favorites are Nasty Gal, Solestruck, Urban Outfitters and Good Will.

What is your favorite piece in your closet?
My mom gave me this beautiful blue tea-length dress from Ralph Lauren. It’s sleeveless and has these awesome lapels, which fall into a deep V-line. The vibrant color and rich fabric feel so luxurious and feminine. I absolutely love it.

Which is the most worn piece of clothing in your closet?
My Forever 21 leather jacket is the item I seem to gravitate toward the most, although my American Apparel Disco Pants come in a very close second.

What is you favorite fashion brand?
I’ve always loved Louis Vuitton. I would never call myself a “handbag girl,” yet Louis Vuitton never ceases to impress me. It’s something about the mix of timelessness and innovation that is very charming.

What is you favorite color to wear?
All black everything. And white. With a simple color palette, it’s a great way to push the envelope with interesting patterns and silhouettes, while maintaining somewhat of a classic look. I’m also the fan of the bold lip–anything from a bright tangerine or vampy burgundy.

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