Calvin Klein Changing CEOs

By Julia Le

Take a snapshot of 1975 America in fashion and you will inevitably be looking at the simplistic and timeless works of Calvin Klein. Understated looks crafted to classic silhouettes and a dominantly muted color palette has left a legacy of one of America’s most successful brands.

With all of the changing titles occurring in the fashion industry as of late, Calvin Klein is no exception. After 17 years in the position, Calvin Klein CEO Tom Murry is retiring his current position to the executive chairman. He will act as the advisor to the new CEO until the end of the fiscal year. Under Murry, Calvin Klein is reported to have grown from $2.8 billion in global retail sales in 2003 to about $8 billion in 2013, according to Emanuel Chirico, Chairman & CEO of PVH.

The new CEO of Calvin Klein will be Steve Shiffman, currently the company’s president and chief commercial officer. With over 30 years of retail experience including several positions within PVH and Calvin Klein, all eyes are on Shiffman to see how he will carry the iconic brand into the future.

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