Links We Love: April 7, 2014

By Sarah Darrow

With summer break less than a month away, it’s really hard to stay focused on school work. All I can think about is what I need to start packing up, all of my friends who are graduating and preparations for my summer internship. So, during your next “study break” or senioritis break, check out what links we love this week!


1. Whether they’re ready or not, seniors are starting to prepare for graduation. After their four or five-year journey at Northeastern, it’s time for the bittersweet goodbye. But with graduation comes fun graduation parties, so check out how to party like a stylish college grad. [How to Party like a College Grad — In Style; Refinery29]

2. Since the weather is warming up, it’s now safe to go outside again and not get continuously tortured by the wind. But, I’m sure that a wintery day will sneak its way in again. We’re hoping for the best and saying it’s time to pull out your sunglasses! If you are on the hunt for a new pair, check out the most flattering frames for your face shape. [The Most Flattering Sunglasses for Your Face Shape; The Every Girl]

3. Thanks to Welcome Weeks and random events on campus, I think everyone has an abundance of college T-shirts and sometimes it’s difficult to know how to style them in a chic, new way. So, look through these five ways to style your favorite college tee! [5 Ways to Style Your Favorite College Tee; The Every Girl]

4. If you’ve been keeping up with the Condé Nast intern controversy, then read the latest update about their settlement with the two interns. [Condé Nast Settles Class Action Lawsuit Filed By 2 Former Interns;]

5. Instead of hitting the gym in oversized shirts and old shorts, add some style to your workout wear. Look through these pictures of celebrities who sweat in style and maybe you’ll be inspired to step up your game. [10 Celebs Who Sweat in Style; Harper’s Bazaar]

6. Lupita Nyong’o, the incredibly stylish Oscar winner, has been announced as the new face of Lancôme. Check out her best beauty looks and it will be obvious why. [Lupita Nyong’o’s Six Freshest Beauty Looks; ASOS]


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