Preview of Fall 2014/Winter 2015 Shoe Trends

By Emma Lambert

(Editor’s Note: Photos are from last fall.)

As a merchandising coop for, I had the opportunity to attend a shoe show, which, let’s be honest, is every fashion and shopping lover’s dream–aisles and aisles of shoes from brands like Frye, Lucky, Steve Madden and Sperry Topsider.

The-Hybrid-Shoe-Trend-2013I was treated to an exclusive look at the fall fashions for the 2014 season at a shoe show in the fashion hub of Manchester, N.H. (Kidding about the fashion capital nonsense…) An important show for our company takes place there and that allowed us to talk to our brands about what will be hot for fall. The only drawback is that the styles I spent all day discussing with brand representative and samples I drooled over will not be available for months!

As with everything in the fashion world, we are getting way ahead of ourselves in discussing the upcoming styles for fall 2014 and winter 2015. So before all the snow has melted here in New England and before we have even gotten a chance to enjoy the pastel colors and cut out designs of the hottest spring shoes, let’s discuss what’s headed our way for fall 2014.

Our favorite basic, black of course, is getting some serious competition from army green, cobalt blue, deep purple and even red as they are introduced as alternatives to more traditional neutrals like brown and grey. Even men’s shoes show their acceptance of this new color trend with cobalt laces, army green stitching or for the bold men among us, cobalt oxfords. Because these colors are being treated as neutrals instead of focus pieces in outfits they allow for several primary colors to be added to your outfit for interest.

If you didn’t land yourself a pair of lace-up wedge booties last year, don’t hesitate to go straight to your favorite stores come fall because these are going to be huge again next season–not that I’m complaining because my 5’2″ frame could always use the boost of a heel, but my feet truly appreciate the comfort of a wedge.

The-Winter-Boots-Fall-2013One of my favorite trends, riding boots, is getting a new twist with not only mixing colors of leather but shiny metal accents on the heels. Nothing makes me feel more bada** than the shiny metal hardware and multitude of exposed zippers that seem to be a trend back again this fall. The new riding boots are a combination of biker babe and cowgirl chic, a look that I am falling more and more in love with!

Why should we have to choose between wearing a bootie or a strappy heel when fall 2014 brings us the best of both worlds in the form of hybrid footwear. Shoes that combine the edge of a bootie with the elegance of a strappy heel are making a serious statement on high fashion runways and on’s web pages.

We can’t deny that the 90s are making a comeback, but let’s just say the 90s fashions were not the cultural influences I thought would stick around. 90s game shows like Figure it Out in all its green slime glory and the greatest “coming of age” sitcom ever Boy Meets World I can see, but 90s grunge? I did not see that making an appearance again so soon. Doc Martens and similar low heeled chunky boots paired with anything from jeans to dresses epitomize what this trend is all about.

The-Flat-Fall-2013A twist on the menswear trend we have been sporting for several seasons, chunky high-heeled versions of the much loved oxfords and loafers are reminiscent of early 90s fashions circa Clueless. (BTW, if you haven’t seen the movie you should run out and buy it for your next girls’ night!) Further channeling this classic movie, mules and sling-backs are making an appearance in the fall lines for many of our favorite brands.

Retro running sneakers are a flash from the past with their neon colors and mixed metallic tones. These are a look I don’t’ think I’m cool enough to attempt, but more power to anyone who can work it! Brands from Saucony to Vans and Puma to Converse are all bringing back these over-the-top color schemes reminiscent of our childhoods. It’s times like these I wish I still had the bright pink high-tops I wore in my youth.

Unfortunately for our pinky toes, round toe heels are taking a backburner in favor of more unique silhouettes. Pointy toes are here in full force and are accompanied by more and more square and rectangular toes. I’m convinced that these new shapes make my own feet look big, but every time I’ve seen these trends on other people in the past, I am always impressed at how long their legs look. If I can get over my own issues, I will definitely be trying this trend come fall!

Start the 2014-2015 school year off right with shoes that hit your favorite trends this fall! You can find the trends I’m drooling over now on come end of summer and beginning of fall 2014!

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