Guys’ Take on Girls’ Comfy Wear

By Sarah Darrow
Photos: Refinery29,,,

We all wake up on days when putting on jeans and a cute top seems like too much to ask for. That’s when stretchy yoga pants and shapeless sweaters come into play. Is girls’ comfy wear something that shouldn’t leave your apartment or is it okay to sport on campus?

Yoga Pants

aerie-skinny-sequin-crop-yoga-pant-20“I like them because they show athleticism.” – Max Kaye, senior, finance

“Yoga pants act as an acceptable alternative to sweatpants, an article of clothing I feel should rarely, if ever, be worn in public for either sex. Yoga pants, if in the right size, show off a woman’s assets. They are comfy and make your butt look great.” – Taylor Maxfield, sophomore, Business

“They convey unoriginality.” – Anthony Turner, junior, international affairs

“I think that yoga pants should be reserved for doing yoga/gym activities and lounging around at home.” – Andrew Cameron, junior, economics



“They annoy me because they look really impractical.” – Kaye

“I can’t say I support UGGs. If you want to keep your feet warm, buy a pair of Smartwool socks and pair them with a comfy pair of flat boots.” – Maxfield

“They look like loaves of bread.” – Turner

“UGGs are wondrously comfy footwear that can be worn with numerous outfits and still look great.” – Cameron

North Face Jackets

The-north-face-womens-windwall_1AA065F5“They remind me of high school.” – Kaye

“They are comfy and pragmatic for the winter months.” – Maxfield

“North Face jackets are a must for any New Englander as the weather shifts variably.” – Cameron

Oversized Sweaters


“Don’t do much for me.” – Kaye

“Oversized sweaters are stylish and comfy. Girls, please wear all the oversized sweaters you want!” – Maxfield

“I do tend to like loose sweaters, but maybe it’s only because I don’t see them everywhere I look.” – Turner

“Oversized sweaters are fine worn in public places when incorporated into put together outfits, or used for a lazy morning at home.” – Cameron

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