Incorporating Spring Trends Into Your Winter Wardrobe

By Yana Sybiga

Even though we all wish and pray for spring to officially arrive, the reality isn’t changing – it still feels like winter out there. However, despite weather obstacles that force us to dress up like penguins in Antarctica, we can still incorporate the hottest trends of the spring/summer 2014 season into our wardrobe.

Intercultural theme


Warm cardigans with bold tribal prints are a perfect way to diversify your simple jeans-tee combo.

New Office style

New Office

Of course, camel coats are not only meant to be worn during chilly days, but are an essential part of a chic office look.

Art theme


Bright, printed scarves can keep you warm and add something unique to every outfit.

Metallic & Sport Chic


These puffed, shiny jackets look so modern and chic! Combine them with your favorite casual outfits while staying warm and stylish.

Pastel Colors


Cute, pastel-colored beanies look so soft and feminine and will also keep your ears from freezing!

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