Links We Love: March 30, 2014

By Stephanie Baladi

We’re in the final stretch–-just a couple of weeks left of classes and if you’re anything like me, that realization has you freaking out a little bit. For sanity’s sake, take a break from your cramming and library time with some of this week’s best articles.

H&M And Lady Gaga Open Epic H&M Store In Times Square

1. Should wedding bands be solely for the wedded? That’s the question raised in Elizabeth Brockway’s article and she raises a good point. In this day and age when there are so many individual definitions of what love is, it’s weird that everyone seems to hold the left ring finger as sacred territory, right? [Wedding Bands for All!; Into the Gloss]

2. While it’s not a trend for the weak of heart, floral printed pants can look amazing when paired properly. (Not to mention, it’ll help remind you that it actually is spring even when the weather seems adamant about not letting up.) [Charting: Spring Pants in Bloom; Harper’s Bazaar]

3. As you’ve probably heard by now, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have finally landed their Vogue cover–a coveted rite of passage in the fashion world. This has some people in uproar, others excited, and most mourning for the former state of the industry. It’s a question that has been asked before and finally been answered: “Does Kim Kardashian have a place in fashion?” Whether you like it or not, the answer seems to be “yes.” [So, Does Kim Kardashian Have a Place in Fashion?; The Cut]

4. Spring can be a bit of mixed bag for me: I’m happy that the weather is finally something other than disastrous, but on the other hand, it means giving up my almost exclusively black wardrobe. Admittedly, the transition can be slow, but luckily with help from some lighter colored polish I can seem to get away with it for longer. Check out this guide of spring’s best shades and figure out what colors you’ll be sporting for the season. [The Ultimate Spring Nail Polish Collection;]

5. House of Harlow debuted their first full ready-to-wear collection and it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect–very laid back, very boho, very Coachella-ready. The brand’s founder, Nicole Richie, has said how gratifying it’s been to see her brand grow over the years and provide “customers with fashion to complete their look.” [House of Harlow Debuts 1st Full Ready-to-Wear Collection;]

6. According to a study from Harvard Business School, dressing down while shopping at high-end stores can actually command more attention and respect. Author Stephanie Trong put this theory to the test by taking to Madison Avenue in an outfit better suited for a night in with Netflix. Her findings are all over the place, with some giving her just as much attention than the next customer and others treating her as invisible. [I Went to Luxury Stores Wearing Sweatpants to See if I’d Get Better Service;]

7. In 2013, H&M opened 356 stores worldwide and this year, they plan to outdo themselves. They announced plans to open 375 stores this year, which comes out t more than one shop a day on average. [H&M to Open More Than One Store a Day (on Average) This Year;]


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