Girls’ Take on Guys’ Comfy Wear

By Sarah Tahami

The average college guy typically doesn’t place much effort into forming an outfit. For early classes especially, the guys around campus can be spotted in sweatpants and a T-shirt. But, what do the college girls think about these fashion choices? Is men’s comfy wear a yay or a nay?



“After the gym, they look nice” — Vinny Motwani, 1st year graduate, PSM Biotechnology

“I think they’re okay. You have to be comfy!” — Meghan Mazurowski, 3rd year, Health Science

“Rock them. You do you. It’s fine.” — Marie Teichman, 2nd year, International Affairs

Basketball shorts:


“Eh, just don’t do it. Unless you actually play basketball…” — Emily Veach, 5th year, Nursing

“Don’t wear basketball shorts unless you’re going to the gym.” — Drew Harrison, 3rd year, Psychology

Simple White T-Shirt:


“Works every time.” — Mukta Machole, 1st year graduate, PSM Biotechnology

“As long as it’s clean.” — Thaisa Nakano, 5th year, Physical Therapy



“It’s versatile. It’s gotta be my number one.” — Rachel Bakish, 1st year, Graphic Design

“Yes! Everybody loves flannel.” — Cha Cha, 1st year, Math

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