Sweet Innovation: Sephora’s New Press Pods

By GaYeon Kim (Lisa)
Sephora, fashionista.com



Fresh news for nail polish fans: Sephora Single-Use Nail Polish Pods. Sephora is on the road to save those who are piling up all colors of polishes — used only once or twice — in their vanities.

Sephora announced that the company is launching a new collection of single-time use nail polish beginning in late April online and early May in-store. The pods come in sets of 24 shades, each set costing $39. It is a one-time use polish in a tiny bottle with a built-in brush, and each set contains shades selected from Sephora’s 300-color Formula X nail polish range.


These cute little nail polishes are lighter and more convenient than the traditional glass bottle nail lacquers. Each one provides the amount of polish needed for all 10 nails with two coats each. Now, we don’t have to pack our polishes in a giant pouch with the worries of them breaking and creating a color festival in our bags. It is absolutely perfect for a trip!

It is such a sweet innovation to add some efficiency into our beauty lives, though the sustainability of these minis is concerning some people  – many hope the polishes are recyclable, so we can be both beauty and eco-insiders all at the same time!

Do you want to add it to your beauty list? 

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