In Honor of L’Wren Scott

By Alexandra Sadler

After 49 years of life, L’Wren Scott has passed away, leaving behind her notorious designs and her determination to make big dreams come true. Scott was an American model, stylist, and fashion and costume designer.

L'Wren Scott Pic

Scott grew up in Roy, Utah where she first developed her passion for the fashion industry and decided to go after her aspirations to become a designer. Her first fashion line, “Little Black Dress,” was launched in 2006. This line featured a versatile collection of black dresses, including the “Headmistress” dress, which was worn by Madonna.

Many other celebrities, such as Amy Adams, Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman, have shown off Scott’s designs. Scott launched her first line of handbags in 2011, which was named after her mother, Lula. Scott made a name for herself within the fashion world and left behind her unforgettable and timeless designs.

Scott’s funeral will be held in LA, where Mick Jagger, her longtime partner, still resides.

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