Links We Love: March 23, 2014

By Sarah Darrow
Photos: Pacific Standard

Spring is finally here! But we’ll see how long the nice-ish weather lasts. Now that spring break is long over, it’s time to focus on our remaining weeks of the semester. That means prepping for final projects, getting ready for exams and hanging out with your friends before everyone parts ways for the summer. It also means it’s time to read this week’s Links We Love!


1. Festival street style is always fun to observe. It has such a different aesthetic than all of the fashion week photos and leaves something to be admired. If you couldn’t be in Austin, Texas for South by Southwest, scroll through these cool fashion shots and just pretend you were there. [Don’t Mess with Texas; Vanity Fair]

2. If you have any plans to move to Brooklyn for a co-op or after you graduate, you’ll do great because its fashion scene is thriving! [Corporate Takeover or Not, Brooklyn’s Fashion Scene is Thriving; Time Out]

3. Ever wonder how stores like Forever 21 have SO many clothes? Find out more about this “fast-fashion” and the people behind the designs. [The Secret World of Fast Fashion; Pacific Standard]

4. If you haven’t watched My So-Called Life, which features Claire Danes awkwardly crying a lot and the young, handsome Jared Leto, look through these photos that feature the memorable ‘90s fashion and quotes from the show. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to watch it. [The Most Important “My So-Called Life” Moments; Marie Claire]

5. Chambray has and always will be my favorite closet staple. So if you don’t own anything chambray yet, you need to get on it. If you don’t know where to start looking, take a look at this awesome variety of chambray tops that will leave you wanting more than one. [It’s Chambray Season! 27 Tops for Spring; Refinery29]

6. Whether or not you have a list of two, five or even nine fashion blogs you read every morning, there’s always room for more. Read through this list of best new fashion bloggers to follow for some inspiration! [The Best New Style Bloggers to Bookmark Now; Who What Wear]

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